Approximate solution for the two-dimensional Volterra-Integro differential equation of fractional order by using Generalized Deferential Transform method

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS


VOL.(5), NO.(2), 2018

Mohammed G. S. AL-Safi1*, Wurood R. Abd AL- Hussein1, Muna S. Abbas1
1Department of Accounting, Al-Esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq


DOI: 10.18081/2226-3284/018-7/1-9



In this work, an efficient generalized differential transform method (GDTM) is proposed for solving the two dimensional Volterra-Integro differential equation (2-DVIDE) of fractional order. The results of the proposed method are compared with exact solution, a numerical example is considered for testing the accuracy and validity of this method.

Keywords:Fractional calculus, Caputo derivative, Generalized differential transform method (GDTM).

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