Synthesis and Optical Properties of Polystyrene Doped with DCM Thin Films

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.(5), NO.(1), 2018

Akeel Shaker Tuhaiwer

Physics Department, College of Science, AL-Muthanna University.


DOI: 10.18081/2226-3284/018-3/8-18



In the present work Polystyrene (PS)  polymer doped with DCM laser dye thin films have been prepared on glass substrate using casting method. The final samples of PS doped with DCM thin films were treated with different annealing temperatures at (30, 40, 50, 60) oC. Optical absorption and transmission spectra of the prepared thin films were recorded using UV-VIS double beam spectrometer in the wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm. The results shown that the allowed direct electronic transitions energy gap increased from 2.08 up to 2.25e.V as the temperature increasing from 30 to 60oC, whereas the allowed indirect electronic transition energy gap increase from 2.02 up to 2.17 eV as the temperature increase from 30 to 60oC. The effect of temperature on the optical properties such as Urbach’s energy, Refractive index, Extinction coefficient, Critical angle, Brewster angle, and Finesse coefficient   of PS doped with DCM thin films also studied in this work.

Keywords:Optical properties, PS, DCM, thin films, cast method.

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