Study the Effect of Immobilization on Electrostatic Potential for Methyl Orange Dye

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.(5), NO.(1), 2018

Haider Shanshool Mohammed

Chemistry Department, College of  Science,Al Muthanna University.

DOI: 10.18081/2226-3284/018-4/38-43


In the current study, the effect of the immobilization on electrostatic potential, pH and the absorbance of aqueous solutions of methyl orange that was immobilized on a modified chitosan polymer by glass wool were studied. It was found that the values of these parameters of the supported methyl orange are increased compared to unsupported samples. Furthermore, the electrostatic potential of the supported methyl orange is investigated in the presence of an aqueous solutions of NaCl, where showed the value of the electrostatic potential is raised With increasing ionic strength of the sodium chloride solution and a decrease in the value of pKa to the methyl orange dye after immobilization while the results are inversely before immobilization methyl orange on a modified chitosan polymer by glass wool.

Keywordsimmobilization, electrostatic potential, methyl orange dye , chitosan

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