Evaluation of Some Methods for estimating the Weibull distribution parameters

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL. 4 – NO. 2 / 2017


Labban J.A.1, and Depheal H.H.2
1Statistics and Informatics Dep, Al-Qadisiyah University, Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq



This paper some of different methods to estimate the parameters of the 2-
Paramaters Weibull distribution such as (Maximum likelihood Estimation, Moments,
Least Squares, Term Omission). Mean square error will be considered to compare
methods fits in case to select the best one. There by simulation will be implemented
to generate different random sample of the 2-parameters Weibull distribution.those
contain (n=10, 50, 100, 200 ) iteration each 1000 times.

Key Words: Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Method of Moments, Least Squares Method, Mean-Standard Deviation Method, Power Density Method, Term Omission Method, Mean squared error.


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