Effect Seed Extract of Moringa oleifera on Gene expression of ALS1 gene in Candida albicans isolated from oral candidiasis to cancer patients

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL. 4 – NO. 2 / 2017


Majid kadhim Aboud Al-Shibly, and Zahraa Khudhair Abbas Al-Khafaji

Biology Department, Education College, Al-Qadisiyah University, Iraq



Four types of the genus Candida were diagnosed in patients cancer, It is C. albicans, C dublineinsis, C. glabrata and C. kruse 41 (41%), 22 (22%) 19 (19%) 12 (12%) respectively. and two types of yeasts were identified in the healthy persons, it is C. albicans and C. glabrata by 22 (22%) and 2 (2%) respectively. As the results showed there were significant differences in the rate of white blood cells among male and female in cancer patients, and there were significant differences between infected and healthy individuals, both male and female. There was a significant reduction in the rate of white blood cells in infected persons (male and female) compared to healthy persons.
As for the adhesion test in C.albicans isolated from patients the number of positive samples to test was 35 (85.8%) while the negative samples were 16 (14.6%) It was an examination of the sensitivity depending on agar well diffusion method to test the effect of aqueous extract of the seeds of Moringa oleifera on the growth of C.albicans is that to extract the effect of effective in concentration 90% as well as the concentrations (35,50,75)% did not give any effect at concentrations (25%, 15%). It has appeared that the maximum diameter inhibitory him in the concentration of (90%) is (33)mm While the concentrations were given (35,50.75)% the maximum diameter is (4,16.20)mm, respectively. The genetic expression of the gene (ALS1) was detected by using R-time PCR for some isolates before and during the yeast infection of the epithelial cells. The results showed a high rate of gene expression of T2 (26.109 ± 2.54915) and a significant difference at the probability level P 0.01 0.01 compared with the treatment was c (1.006± 0.12498) and the use of the Moringa oleifera extract was 25% to evaluate its effect on the gene expression (ALS1) before and during yeast infection of epithelial cells. The results showed that the gene expression of T1 was decreased by (0.063± 0.01137) compared to (C) value (1.006± 0.12498) and a significant difference (26.109± 2.54915) was high compared with T3, in which the gene expression decreased by (11.428± 4.14409) with significant difference at the probability P>0.01.
Keywords: Moringa oleifera, ALS 1 gene, C.albicans, Candidiasis.


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