Study and preparation of aqueous extracts of medicinal plants to friability urinary stones

Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.4 – NO. 1 / January 2017

Nabil S. B. AL– Habib
Science faculty/ AL– Muthanna university



Medicinal plants have not lost their importance despite the modern pharmaceutical industry.
Nowadays, most of the pharmaceutical industry depend on medicinal plants” especially when the plants are in the dry state as raw materials, to produce the pharmaceutical”.
Until the time when the pharmaceutical industry will be able to produce different effective economically materials according to the commercial advantages obtained.
Thus the plant drugs will continue keeping its importance forever(2).
The selection of a number of medicinal plants according to scientific data as the first factor (3) and then according to factor field experiment as the second factor. the drug that extracted from medicinal plants is the basic material for the manufacture of different types of mixtures. It is taken in the form of extract actual or infusion or in the form of vegetarian tea to make a combination of selected medicinal plants used in the search. (4) to prepare aqueous extracts of medicinal plants to friability urinary stones.


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