Effect of Vinegar Solution on Ratio of Sulfate Salts Content in Fine Aggregate Used in Concrete Mixture

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.4 – NO. 1 / January 2017

زينب جاسم خضير
قسم العلوم/ كلية التربية الأساسية/ جامعة المثنى/ المثنى/ العراق



This research studies the effect of vinegar solution on percentage of sulfate salts in sand which used in concrete mixture, the sulfate salts form in sand as hydrated calcium sulfate (Gypsum) CaSO4.2H2O, three samples of sands had been taken from Al- Mamlaha region and three samples from Al-Salman region and three samples from Al-Maaly region of Al-Muthanna Governorate, the percentage of sulfate salts had been measured for all of the sands samples the measurements was (3.64%, 2.55%, 1.94%), (2.03%,1.87%, 1.49%), (0.85%, 0.55%, 0.44%) respectively as percentage of the total weight from each sample , after that the samples was measuring after washing with the vinegar solution and regular water the measurements was (2.90%, 2.32%, 1.76%), (1.87%, 1.70%, 1.22%), (0.71%, 0.46%, 0.40%), when the samples immerse in vinegar solution for 24 hours and been washed with water (tap water) the measurements was (2.23%, 1.87%, 1.13%), (1.44% , 1.07%, 0.91%), (0.43%, 0.38%, 0.35%) respectively, the study show it possible of using vinegar as washing solution for sands which has percentage of sulfate salts higher a little from the Iraqi standard specification limit like 0.55% percentage in original sample (the higher limit of Iraqi standard specification for sulfate salts is 0.5%), the effect of the vinegar solution as immersion solution was obvious effect on all of the samples and very good effect for samples which has (0.85%, 0.55%) percentage of sulfate salts in original samples.
Key Words: Vinegar Solution, Fine Aggregate, Sulfate Salts.


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