Effect of Substitution of Positive Ion (M+2) on the Physical Properties of M-Fe2O4

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.(4), NO.(1), 2017

Nahedh H. Alwash1,*, Jafer Fahdel Odah1, Ahmed Namah Mohamed1

1 Department of Physics, Science college, Al-Muthanna university, Samawa, Iraq

DOI: 10.18081/2226-3284/017-9/27-34


Cobalt, Manganese and Magnesium ferrites powders have been synthesized using chemical mixing method. Calcination and sintering temperatures were 800oC respectively. The characteristics of spinal ferrite have been investigated by XRD technique while the magnetic characterization samples have been done using vibrating sample magnetometer (V.S.M). The magnetic properties such as initial magnetic permeability, quality factor, inductor factor and power loss density are studied under variation of frequency using L.C.R meter as well. Saturation magnetization, coercive field and remanent  agnetization are determined from hysteresis loops for all prepared sample.

Keywords: Ferrites, magnetic properties, initial permeability

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