Isolation and identification of Actinomycetes with biosurfactant activity

Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

Vol.3 – No. 2 / October 2016

Samer M. Al-Hulu
Babylon University, College of Science


A total of forty soil samples were collected from different places in Hilla city. Twelve actinomycetes were diagnosed. The ability for producing of biosurfactant was studied ,and found five isolates were able to producing biosurfactant. Actinomycetes spp.8 showed more activity by producing high inhibition on blood agar. Actinomycetes spp.8 was studied and diagnosed as Streptomyces spp. These isolate was produce grey aerial mycelium and yellow-green substrate when cultured on yeast –malt extract agar. The biosurfactant material was isolated and the affectivity of biosurfactant on pathogenic bacteria was studied. The biosurfactant extract was effective against S.aureus with 14 mm inhibition zone and E.coli 10mm inhibition zone and effective against C.albicans with 8mm

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