Distribution of Trace Metals in Southern Iraqi Marsh Reed

Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

Vol.3 – No. 2 / October 2016

Seta A. K. Garabedian
University of Basrah/ Marine Science Centre/ Basrah/ Iraq


An Investigated study showed that the trace metals (Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn) contents of reed plant parts, Phragmites Sp., determined as a plant accumulator and plant monitor for the environmental pollution by trace metals because it is one of the most famous plants that growth so widely and wildly in the marsh wet lands in Basrah The sampling location was Assafia Wild Life Park station in Al-Huwizah Marshes during April 2009,The highest concentration was recorded for Fe in all the parts of the reed sample, in roots 1012 μg/gm, in rhizomes 105 μg/gm, in leaves 572 μg/gm, and in steams 396 μg/gm. The concentration of Cu in roots show the highest level than the other parts 20.95 μg/gm, in rhizomes 17.95 μg/gm, in reed leaves 11.95 μg/gm, and in steams 8.95 μg/gm. For Pb the concentration recorded was in roots 7.3 μg/gm, in rhizomes 3.65 μg/gm, in leaves 3.65 μg/gm, and the same concentration in steams 3.65 μg/gm. The concentration of Mn was in roots 85.35 μg/gm, in rhizomes 64 μg/gm, in leaves 46 μg/gm, in steams 17.05 μg/gm. The lowest concentration recorded by Zn, in roots 2.76 μg/gm, in rhizomes 2.25 μg/gm, in leaves 0.99 μg/gm, in steam the concentration was 2.19 μg/gm, only the concentration of Ni show ND in all the parts of the reed sample that studied.


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