Histological effects of cold watery fenugreek seeds extract on the Nephron in kidney of Albino mice

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS


VOL.(3), NO.(2), 2016

1Sarah Shareif Akool , 2 Bassim Abdullah Jassim
1,2Department of Biology , College of Science, Muthanna University.



The present study was designated to estimate the histological effect after administration of cold watery
fenugreek seeds extract of the nephron in albino mice. This work was carried out on 40 healthy adult mice aging (6-8 months). The experimental animals was divided into four treated groups (A, B, C, D) and control group. Preparation the watery fenugreek seeds extract for administration with (150 mg/g) of concentration. The experimental animals treated with extract for different time periods as the following (15, 30, 45, 60 days). The histological results of the treated groups show after the following time periods [A after(15) days, B after (30) days, C after (45) days and D after (60) days of administration]. The histological results showed the nephrons composed of renal corpuscle, proximal convoluted tubules,
Henelʼs loop, and distal convoluted tubules, the current results appears that the renal corpuscle composed of tuft of tinny capillaries glomerular surrounding by double layer called Bowmans capsule which contain between two layers occur main space that called Bowmans space, so showed the mesangial cells occupied the spaces between the glomerular capillaries. The glomerular capillaries had significant increase in diameter. The proximal convulated tubules, lined by simple high cuboidal epithelial cells with more prominent brush border, the tubules characterized by significant increase
in diameter. The present study Henelʼs loop notification the epithelial layer of internal surface of lined with simple squamous epithelial and acidophilic cytoplasm. The tissue section appears that the nephron composition characterized by significant increase in diameter with increased the time periods of administration of extract for the treated groups which showed exfoliated cells that aggregation in the lumen on tubular structures of the nephron. The extract have significant effect on the depression of height the epithelial cells lining of the internal surface of the proximal, henel loop, and distal
convoluted tubules that associated with increased time of administration of extract which led to increase the glomerular infiltration rate that led to increase the amount of infiltration inside the tubular structures of the nephron in addition to increase the speed the infiltration flow .

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