Detection of Pork in Canned Meat using TaqMan Real-time PCR

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS


VOL.(3), NO.(2), 2016

Nihad A.M. Al-Rashedi , Emad Uldeen Hateem
1,2 Biology Department , College of Science , Muthanna Universityraq



This study was aimed to detection of pork contamination in commercial canned meat product in Iraq market using real-time PCR method through analysis of mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. Method based on porcine-specific primers and TaqMan probe were designed to amplify 130 bp for assessing pork adulteration in canned meat. Testing the twenty samples of local market that show no pork detection to have pork contamination in nineteen meat cans. In conclusion, specific PCR amplification of cytochrome b gene is useful in detection of hidden pork meat mince in processed foods because of its rapid, specificity and sensitivity. This method will ensure that trust of the customers with these products.

Keywords: Real-time PCR; cytochrome b; canned meat; pork.

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