Study of some blood physiological parameters for patients with Beta-thalassemia in AL- Muthanna province – Iraq

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Mohammed QasimWaheeb
AL- Muthanna University –Iraq
College of Science



The research includes the study of some in changes that occurs in some blood
physiological parameters in children infected with the genetic anemia (Thalassemia) in
AL- Muthanna province, the study included the examination of 150 children (male and
female) infected with their review of the Thalassemia Center Children’s Hospital in ALMuthanna,
also used 150 samples from healthy children for period from November 2013
to May 2014 for comparison ranging in age from 2-12 years old. Results of the study
have shown high-significant of white blood cells count (WBCs) (P <0.05) as numbered
in male and female patients is (24.5±1.1)x10³ \mm3 and (25.5±5.1)x10³\mm3 cells
respectively as compared with healthy children as numbered in males and females is
(8.1±1.7) x10³ \mm3and (8.03±1.7) x10³ \mm3 cellsrespectively. A decrease-significant
(P<0.05) in the level of hemoglobin concentration (Hb) as reached in male and female
patients is (7.4±1.15) dl respectively, while in the healthy(male and
female) children is (12.3±1.15 dl and (12.1± 1.14) dl respectively. A decreasesignificant
(P <0.05)showed in packed cell volume (PCV)as reached in male and female
patients is %, % respectively, compared with healthy
L (38.1±2.4) L%, (37.5± L% respectively.
Decrease-significant (P<0.05)showed in (RBC) count where its count in males and
females patients is (2.9±0.82)x106\mm3 and (2.7±0.6)x106\mm3 cells respectively in
comparison with healthy group where its count in males and female is
(4.1±0.8)x106\mm3 and (3.7±0.8)x106\mm3 cells respectively.
Key words : Thalassemia , physiological parameters ,anemia.

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