The influence of regionalization salt on The Thyroid hormones in the carps normal and natural state of Hyperthyroidism

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Nouran Raad Jomah* Muhammed Oda Mallah**
College of Science-AL-Muthanna University, Iraq


This study was carried out under laboratory conditions to determine the impact of salt
localization on thyroid hormones in two cases of water (fresh water and salt water by 30%
sea water) in the normal circumstances as a control. Thyroxin was used in two
concentrations (10 and 25 μg/dL) for the purpose of obtaining the status of
hyperthyroidism and to show the impact of localization on thyroid hormones of typical
carp fish Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) .The study included 49 fish with a weight of
(100 ± 20g) after adapt them in the mineral pools before being transported to the aquarium
glass treatment. Fish has been divided into three groups (Control Group consisted of fish in
fresh water, which contained repeating each repeater 4 fish. The Group localization in salt
water concentration of 30% sea water, which contained a repeating each repeater 4 fish and
group Hyperthyroidism, which have been treated by thyroid hormones (10 and 25 μg/dL),
which were represented, first: two groups (10 and 25 p.pb) in fresh water and it was all
concentration Duplicate each repeater 4 fish and the second: two groups (10 and 25 p.pb)
in the marinade by 30% seawater was each concentration Duplicate each repeater 4 fish).
This study involved measurement of serum thyroid hormones of fish and all tests after
thirteen days of treatment. The results showed an increase the level of significance (P
<0.05) for thyroid hormones in the serum of fish in fresh and salt water, and showed that
the values of the hormones in fresh water for the same concentration of hormone used in
the treatment are less than it is in salt water as the localization had an impact on the thyroid


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