Evaluation the effect of Glutamine on the viability of cultured digestive gland cells for fresh water snail bellamyabengalensis in vitro.

Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016


Ali Abdul-Hussain Ghazzay
College of Dentistry-Qadisiaya University



To evaluate the effect of amino acid (Glutamine) on the viability in vitro cultured
digestive gland cell s of fresh water snail bellamyabengalensis and define the optimal
concentration of glutamine for digestive cells cultured in vitro .the fresh water snails
bellamyabengalensis were collected from Shamyiah river-Dewanyah province, the snail
were dissection out to obtain the digestive gland cells, which cultured in (DMEM medium)
medium supplemented with different concentration of Glutamine (1mM, 2mM). the
digestive cells cultured in (DMEM) supplemented with glutamine showed higher viability
rate compare with basal media (non-supplemented with glutamine) and control, while the
medium supplemented with (2mM) glutamine had more effect on the viability of digestive
gland cells than the medium supplemented with (1mM) glutamine. Glutamine have
positive effect to maintain the viability of digestive gland cell for bellamyabengalensisin
vitro cultured.
Keywords: Glutamine, DMEM medium


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