Effect of co-administration of Honey and L-carnitine on biochemical parameters of blood of rabbits in response to gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Noor Thamer Al-saadi
Safa.A.Razaq Al Khalidy Aiad. G. Arean Al Khzaay
Al Muthanna University- College of Medicine



Drug induced nephrotoxicity is an important cause of renal failure. Ototoxicity and
nephrotoxicity are the main side effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as gentamicin
(GS). This is focused on the use of material as antioxidants against the toxic oxidative
action that exert a cell damaging effect. The aim of this study is to evaluate the antioxidant
effect of L-carnitaine and honey combaination against gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity
biochemical analysis were done for all groups. Nephrotoxicity was confirmed by
comparing the serum levels of urea, Creatinine (Cr), Glutathione (GSH) and
Malonaldehyde (MDA) in gentamicin -treated group with that of normal saline treated
groups. L-carnitine and honey alone and in combined form showed the ability to decrease
the serum creatinine, urea and MDA levels, and increase serum GSH levels. By comparing
L-carnitine in combination with honey with L-carnitine and/or honey, combined form of
L-carnitine and honey showed a significant (P<0.05) improvement in biochemical
parameters of kidneys in gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity. Better than L-carnitine and
honey alone this study concluded that, administration of L-carnitine and honey alone and
in combination form decrease nephrotoxicity induced by gentamicin through interference
with the oxidative stress process, i.e. L-carnitine and honey act as free radical scavenger.


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