Inter-Band Transitions and Urbach Tails of Chlorine Doped Tin Monosulfide

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.(1) – NO.(2) / 2013

Sami Salman Chiad

Al-Mustasiriyah University/ College of Education/ Physics Department/ Baghdad/ Iraq.



Thin films of SnS and chlorine doped SnS were prepared utilizing
chemical spray pyrolysis.
The electronic transition was found to be direct and indirect for all the
samples under investigation. The Urbach tail values were increased as the
doping percentage increase while the energy gap takes the behavior of
reverse. The single oscillator model proposed by Wimple and Didomoico were
applied to the obtained sample which certainly obey single oscillator model.
Keywords: SnS: Cl, thin films, optical constants, spray pyrolysis.


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