Study offungalcontaminationofdairy products, canned(domestic and imported) andhomemadein thecity of Samawah

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

م.م ليلى جاسم شعيبث / المعهد التقني /السماوة


Collected 33 samples of domestic and imported dairy and homemade (bulk milk),
which included (milk, cheese and cream and yoghurt) and was isolated and diagnosed
127 fungal isolates from dairy products, 21 of which were contaminated with fungal
sample, as it was more Dairy Dairy pollution is homemade and followed by either the
local Dairy Dairy has imported completely empty of fungal contamination. And was
one of the most Dairy handmade cheese is polluted as it has been isolated from a fungal
isolate 28 followed by curd isolated 18 fungal isolates him, and was isolated and
diagnosed eight races and fungal Aspergillus and Penicillium are and Rhizopus and
Mucar and Alternaria and Fusarium and Candida and Sporptrichum, as the results of the
study showed that the local dairy products, canned and processed dairy products
contaminated with fungal manually during the study period from 01/11/2013 to
02/01/2014 (three months).
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