Evaluation of some Biochemical Constituents of Human’s milk and Goat’s milk to compare between them

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS

VOL.4 – NO. 1 / January 2017

Eqbal Awadh Gatea

Education for Pure Science College– Al- Muthanna University


To Comparison in some biochemical constituents between human and goat milk carried out this study. 20 milk samples were collected: 10 samples from human milk and 10 samples from goat milk. The biochemical constituents was analyzed in this study included ( fat, protein, lactose, solids non fat (SNF), milk density, freezing point (FP), and conductivity (Z). There was no significant difference in fat, sold non fat (SNF), density, protein, and lactose content between human’s milk and goat’s milk. While, there was a significant difference in FP and Z. The human’s milk has a high freezing point (FP) and conductivity (Z) than in goat’s milk. In human’s milk, the fat associated positively non-significantly correlation with SNF, FP, and conductivity (Z). While, the correlation was non-significantly negative between fat with density, protein, and lactose. A significant positive correlation was found between SNF with the density, FP, lactose, and between density and protein with FP and lactose, as well as FP showed a significant positive correlation with lactose. While, the conductivity (Z) associated a significant negative correlation with the density and freezing point. In goat’s milk, The results showed a non-significant positive correlation between fat with SNF, protein, FP, and lactose, while, it’s correlation was non-significantly negative with density and conductivity (Z). The SNF showed a significant positive associated with density, protein, FP, lactose and between density with protein and lactose, and also between FP and lactose. Protein has a significant positive association with FP and lactose.

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