Effect of Watery Ginger Extract on some Bacteria Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections and Compared to Antibiotics

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 4 issue 1, 2017

Assist Lecturer Israa Jawad Jaber
AL-Muthanna Univ.- Medicine College* AL-Muthanna Univ.- Science College**


The study aimed to know the pathogens that infect the urinary tract and the study
of their sensitivity to antibiotics as well as compare the effect of aqueous extract of
ginger with the impact of antibiotics on the growth of bacterial isolates. Sixty three
clinical urine samples were brought to microbiology laboratory at the Department of
Community Health. The urine samples were cultured on the appropriate media and
then carried out biochemical tests after that the Api 20 used to confirm the diagnosis.
The results were showed isolation and identification of the bacterial isolates (E.coli
58.7%, P. mirabilis 28.5% and K. pnumonae 20.6%). Also the results of the use of
antibiotics (cefamandole (30mcg), streptomycin (10mcg), Piperacillin (10mg),
Ceftizoxime (5mcg), rifampin (5mcg), the E.coli and P .mirabilis were resisted the
influence of the antibiotics while the K. pnumonae was sensitive to cefamandole,
streptomycin and resistant toother antibiotics. The results of the use of an aqueous
extract of ginger (50% and 100%) concentration were showed the obvious effect on the
growth of the bacteria isolated.

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