Difference in the level of some reproductive hormones in AL- Najaf Al-ashraf province for chronic renal failure in male patients

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences – MJPS
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Dr. Mohammed E.Mansuer ,Dr.Saliem k. Abd alabbas ,Dr. Hassan A. Farman

College of science kufa technical institute

College of science University of kufa Foundation of technical institute University of kufa


Present study was conducted at Dialysis unit in Al-Sadder Medical City /Al-Najaf
Al-Ashraf province during the period from July till November, 2012,wich aims to
determined the effect of chronic renal failure on gonadal hormone in male by using 70
male patients divided into two groups 50 of them had chronic renal failure and the
remaining (20) were normal healthy individuals served as a control group. The result
of this study revealed that significant increased P<0.05in serum FSH 30.651 (U/L),
renal failure patients compared with healthy group 9.363 (U/L). and significant
increased P<0.05of serum LH concentration in renal failure patients 17.452 (U/L) as
compare with HT group 6.185 (U/L). also the study showed significant increase
P<0.05of serum PRL concentration in renal failure patients 29.779 (Ug/L) as compare
with HT group 8.188 (Ug/L).
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