Effect of camel’s milk in the some blood criteria rats infected laboratory with arthritis

Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Ahmed A. N. AL-Fahad1, Khalid G. Al-Fartosi2
1Biology Department/College of Science/University of Al- Muthana
2Biology Department/College of Science/University of Thi-Qar






In this study we used 42 adults male rats in two courses, the first experiment include the development of arthritis and its impact on the some bloodcriteria. These rates were divided into group, each one consists of 12 male (G1) which were injected with 0.1 mL of the physiological solution in the peritoneum left toe and there was a control set for that purpose, the second group (G2) were injected with 0.1 ml of formaldehyde concentration of 2% in the peritoneumleft foot by twice, the first in the first day of the experiment and the second in the third day of it,we take some samples from their blood to estimate some of the criteria for blood.The second experiment was conducted to assess the role of therapeuticeffectof camel's milk and its impact on the some bloodcriteria. In the second experiment we divided 30 rats in five groups each one consists of six, the third group (G3) with 0.1 mL of the Physiological solution in the bottom of the left foot and the animals were isolilated till the twenty-fourth day of the experiment when the group control had been called, Group fourth of the animals (G4) have been injected with 1 ml/ animal of camel's milk for fourteen days stated from the eleventh day until the twenty-fourth day of the experiment, Other groups (G5),(G6), (G7) they have been induced with the disease, (G5) stayed without being cured from the disease, while (G6) have been treated by injected them through the mouth withcamel's milk for 14 days, 1 ml a day and (G7) treated orally by injecting by mouth with 1ml between we obtained samples blood to estimate the blood criteria. The results of the first experimentshowed increased significantly (P<0.05) in the ESR,PLT,it also showed a significantly decline in (P<0.05) in the RBC,Hb, PCV, MCV, MCH with arthritis compared with control group. The second experiment results showed that the two groups (G6), (G7) which had been injected with camel milk. Showed a significant decrease per (P<0.05) in the range ofthe ESR, the number of platelets and it show that there is a rise morally rise in (P<0.05) in the number of RBC ,Hb, PCV, MC, MCH.In conclusion ,summarized above may be attributed that the camel's milk hasanti inflammatory and anti oxidants action which properly has therapeutic uses in arthritis.

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