Toxic effects of fungus Aspergillus ochrarous isolated from the seeds of nuts in some of the histopathological changes of the male albino rat

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

Saba A . K . Ziadi1
College of Science / University of Qadisiyah1




This study was conducted to demonstrate the pathological histological changes in the liver and spleen, lung and kidney of rats under the influence of crude filtrate of the fungus A. ochraceus growth of the potato extract and dextrose PDB white laboratory rats by dosage oral a dose of 1 ml / kg for a period of 30 days. The results of the tests textile to the impact of the filtrate raw fungus (A. ochrarous ill effects in some tissues of rats laboratory of causing loss of hepatic architecture ,with congestion of central vcins,also there is fibrous connective tissue formation. Also there is hyperplasia of bile ducts epithelium in the liver, as well as for the perfusion of water from the cells of the liver, leading to the dissolution of the cells to varying degrees, as well as the tissues of the lung infiltration of inflammatory cells,sever hemorrhage and congestion in the pulmonary tissue ,also there is thickening of interstitial tissue between alveoli.The bronchioles also attected , which characterized by desequenation and degeneration of epithelial cells which lining it , Also there is pnlmonary,and kidney is dilation of renal.

Keywords: Fungus, Fibrous connective tissue, Inflammatory cells

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