The study of tissue changes of the wall of the gallbladder in patient with gallstone in Al- Diwaniya


Muthanna Journal of Pure Sciences
Volume 3 issue 1, 2016

د.هناء عناية ما هود
كلية التربية / جامعة القادسية
E.mail: hanaa_enaya @




The aim of the present study to identify the most important tissue changes caused by the gallstone . study was conducted on patients coming to Diwaniya Teaching Hospital in AlQadisiya. This study included (65) people between the ages of (27-55) years of patients with acute cholecystitis since the beginning of the month of September ((2014) until the end of February (2015) and has been viewed on the data of their own, such as race, age and situation social. I took the gallbladder of people who have undergone cholecystectomy and the results were: Female injury pebble bitterness rate more than males, and that gallstones are accompanied by great changes and that these changes are associated with the chemical composition of the stone as each change is happening according to the type of stone and these changes more in the infected gallbladder pebble cholesterol These included changes layer of epithelium the emergence of a non-continuous and discontinuous and uneven surface, blood vessels suffer from bleeding inside the lamina propria, inflation in the muscles and increase in thickness, as observed for hyperplasia epithelial cells.

Keywords: Cholecystectom, Female, Gallstones

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